Cool Point Engineers supply, install and maintain a wide range of leading air conditioning products from Daikin and Systemair in homes and small offices throughout Kenya. Living rooms, kitchens, conservatories and bedrooms are areas in the home which could benefit from air conditioning. Air conditioning in the home is the trendiest item in the marketplace nowadays, with numerous, pleasing to the eye, picture frame and mirror looks and other styles now accessible to all.

DAIKIN Splits system – High wall Units

R410a is an “Environmentally Friendly refrigerant” with Zero Ozone Potential Developed countries such as Japan, Europe and the USA has already stopped using R22 Equipment and moved towards R410, following the Montreal Protocol Plan. ALL AFRICAN countries have ratified the Montreal Protocol: so the R22 phase out is a fact today!

Ceiling Concealed

Duct Split System for “High Ambient” Performance: The optimized combination of efficiency, comfort and flexibility

Very compact design -for an installation in any location Indoor air quality – Standard air filter removes airborne dust particles to ensure a steady of clean air
Double Protection Drainage System – Reinforced protection against water leakage
Compact and user-friendly wired controller as standard
Extended piping lengths for a higher flexibility in design and installation: – Up to 70m total piping run applications can be covered
Standard anti-corrosion protection: – Hydrophilic gold fin increases life span of the heat exchanger

Cassette Units

Product Features:

  • 4 way air discharge and air swing
  • Compact design
  • Build in high head drain pump
  • Self-Diagnosis
  • Auto mode
  • Wireless Handset
  • Stylish and simple panel

Split systems Advantages