Cool Point Engineers offers commercial air conditioning services in Kenya, including all-inclusive forms of building, design and consultancy services as well as energy efficiency advice to clients. Cool Point Engineers also provide a professional service for all of your air conditioning requirements and install, maintain and service all makes and models of air conditioning units throughout Kenya with our teams of totally qualified and fully trained engineers, with minimum disruption to your company.

VRV IV = revolutionary features for top seasonal efficiency and sustainability

  • Variable Refrigerant Temperature control
  • Easy commissioning via VRV Configurator
  • Total solution approach – with VRV express


VRV IV – Indoor systems

Daikin Applied systems – Commercial solutions

We provide products that stand specific constraining Africa operating conditions i.e.

  • Erratic power supply
  • Frequent power outages
  • Unstable quality of power supply
  • Peak current when power back that can damage electrical equipment
  • Severe climate conditions
  • Hot summer
  • High humidity in coastal areas